15 April 2015

Hilarious Yelp Reviews Of Newborn Babies Show What Parenthood Is Honestly Like

These days, it seems like we seek out online reviews for almost everything, from hotels for a vacation to books and electronics—so why would we go into something as life-changing as parenthood without reading honest reviews by people who have gone through the experience?

Writer and blogger Raquel D'Apice, who created humor site The Ugly Volvo, recently wrote a post that features fictional Yelp reviews of newborn babies that are hilarious and brutally honest—while they are obviously fake, they do seem to give a rather accurate picture of what one can expect when they have a baby.

From these reviews, it would seem that bringing home a newborn baby is not a bed of roses. Most of the new parents gave these tiny human beings just one or two stars—while there is an occasional gushing 5-star review, they are often met with disbelief and sarcasm from the other less satisfied reviewers.

Perhaps, the reviewer who gave the most balanced review is “UglyVolvBlog”, who states that the experience is both “horrible beyond belief” and “too wonderful to put into words”.

Read all of these Yelp reviews of newborn babies here—if you are a new parent, how would you review your baby?

[via The Ugly Volvo]