15 April 2015

‘Hillvetica’, A Typeface Inspired By Hillary Clinton's New Campaign Logo

Amidst the creative input offered by designers around the world on Hillary Clinton’s official campaign logo—for which we have written about here—arrives a fresh graphic design spin-off of her official candidacy logo.

Rick Wolff, the freelance designer responsible for the newly-minted font he calls “Hillvetica”, transformed controversy into opportunity when he created the new typeface based on Clinton’s campaign logo, which features the letter “H” in bold blue, with a bright red arrow pointing to the right.

Initially dubbing it “Hillary Bold”, Wolff later changed the name to “Hillvetica”, along with a cheeky tweet—“Because, America. Now you too can announce!”.

Check out the namesake font below, which has been officially endorsed by Hillary Clinton herself.

Hillary Bold. Because, America. Now you too can announce! #font #typeface http://ift.tt/1aYnCiK

— Rick Wolff (@RickWolff) April 13, 2015

[via Mashable]