28 April 2015

Holograms Of Real Disabled People Confront Parking Lot Thieves In Powerful Stunt

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To highlight how disabled people have rights and are worthy of respect like regular human beings, Y&R Russia came up with a stunt for non-profit organization Dislife that powerfully demonstrates this fact.

In the video below, a hologram of a wheelchair-bound person appears whenever a driver tries to occupy a disabled parking lot, reminding the stunned driver that they’re “more than a sign”.

The stunt was carried out in shopping malls and business centers in Moscow, as well as the largest mall in Europe.

Though the tactic might seem a tad creepy, it’s a nevertheless effective way of getting people to reflect on their actions and change their behavior.

Watch the stunt below.

[via Ads of the World, video via adsoftheworldvideos]