8 April 2015

In London, A Pop-Up Restaurant That Serves Your Dog An Organic Five-Course Meal

Dog lovers living in the UK can treat their pups to an extravagant five-course meal at The Curious Canine Kitchen, a pop-up restaurant in Shoreditch, London.

The restaurant will serve a holistic meal made up of freshly prepared organic food, paired with refreshments like Alkaline water, beef consommé and coconut water.

The tasty menu includes “seaweed and kale puree, crispy Paddywack with reishi mushroom flaxseed cream and coconut and blueberry chia pudding with gluten-free cinnamon quinoa ‘dog biscuits’ to name a few.”

The two-day event happening on 11 April to 12 April 2015 hopes to stress on the importance of a healthier diet for pets—all proceeds from the event will be donated to animal rescue community Amazon CARES.

Head over here to find out more about the event.

[via Elite Daily and The Curious Canine Kitchen]