13 April 2015

Incredible 3-D Sculptures Made Entirely Out Of Household Dust

Paul Hazelton, a British artist hailing from Margate, is an avid dustophile. A true bane to most homeowners, he defies conventional hygiene standards by carefully collects dust bunnies, hairs, pollen and fibers from his home and homes of friends.

He then turns them into unusual—and sneeze-inducing—artworks by moulding them into highly detailed, three-dimensional sculptures.

He attributes his unique fascination with dust to the ‘immaculate environment’ he grew up in. The artist has, to date, constructed more than twenty dust sculptures. Each one of them tell a story that is related to myths, decay, the human condition and our common perceptions about dust.

This should make you look at that ball of dust in the corner of your room a little differently now. Check out some of his intricate dust sculptures below and more of his unorthodox art pieces here.

[via Art & Science Journal, images via Paul Hazelton]