13 April 2015

Incredible Travel-Themed Collages Made Entirely Out Of Cut Up Dollar Bills

We have previously featured the sprawling collages of Mark Wagner, made from cut up dollar bills.

His recent work, also created using US dollar bills, was commissioned by AT&T to promote their new international roaming data plans. The series, ‘See the World, and See the Savings’ consists of three handcrafted currency collages that feature a traveler using a mobile phone to either snap a photo of an iconic landmark or to take a selfie.

The three collages are called ‘Americans in Paris’, ‘Hello from Tokyo’ and ‘London Calling’. The campaign has been so well received that more collages are in production to feature different countries. A famous president also makes a cameo in each of the collages, can you spot him?

Scroll down to see the rest of the series and head over to his website to see more of his work.

[via My Modern Metropolis, images via Mark Wagner]