20 April 2015

Infographic: The Hipster's Guide To Decorating Your ‘Lumbersexual’ Home

It is easy to imagine what a hipster looks like—just think plaid flannel shirts, slim-cut jeans and a well-groomed beard. Can you imagine his apartment?

The website ForRent.com offers a peek at what you would find in the hipster's apartment. With cast iron pots, mason jars and tin cups for kitchenware, the kitchen would most likely contain a kitchen table that looks like it was made from an oak tree he chopped down.

The infographic also pokes fun at how the hipster, or “lumbersexual” loves the outdoors but actually lives in the city. The apartment will most likely have a room covered with forest wallpaper and contain a plug-in pine scented air freshener.

Scroll down to see the full infographic.

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Click on image to enlarge

[via Infographic Journal]