27 April 2015

Intriguing, Uncanny Photographs Of Dolls And Their Real-Life Doppelgängers

Unlike her previous project ‘Whitby Gothic’, which provides a different perspective on the goth subculture, photographer Annie Collinge’s series ‘Five Inches of Limbo’ revolves around dolls and their flesh-and-blood doubles.

London-born Collinge was strolling through the Chelsea Flea Market in New York City one day, when a doll dressed in a fur coat and ski goggles with red lenses caught her eye.

Although dolls do not often fascinate Collinge, she felt intrigued by this unique figurine and purchased it.

The idea for the project struck her three years ago when she decided to photograph the doll and an actual person who resembled it.

She told Slate’s Behold blog, “I just thought it would be an amusing idea to get something that’s based on reality and try to turn it back into reality and see what happened”.

Collinge has amassed a large doll collection in her pursuit to find models that provide the potential to secure a real-life twin.

Finding ideal doubles involved combing the streets and approaching possible models immediately. This prevented her from backing out due to doubt or uneasiness.

One would imagine that finding perfect twins for this project would be a monumental task similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. Collinge admitted that it did take a long time to find suitable people.

Despite the challenges, Collinge pulled through to produce spitting images of the figurines, which you can view below.

[via Slate, images via Annie Collinge]