20 April 2015

Musical Traffic Lights Encourage Strangers To Collaborate To Make Music

For three days in April 2015, San Francisco's Market Street played host to 50 projects as part of the Market Street Prototyping Festival, providing a venue for creatives and designers to show how public installations can improve quality of life.

One of the major projects is Knock Stop Music in the Embarcadero district. Created out of cardboard and other 3D printed parts at Autodesk's Pier 9 workshop, the installaion turns traffic lights into musical instruments, connecting two sides of Market Street.

The mocked-up traffic lights were placed on opposite sides of the street and the notes it created were made from both synthetic-sounding and analog instruments. The installation encourages chance encounters and invites strangers to collaborate to make a melody.

The installations come to challenge how we commonly see people engrossed in their smartphones and not engaging in real human interaction. Head over here to find out more.

[via Fast Company]