3 April 2015

One Twist Of This Pepper Shaker Powers Down Devices And Reclaims Dinner

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If you get annoyed when mealtimes are interrupted by devices or gadgets, Dolmio is providing a solution to the problem.

Dolmio’s new product, the ‘Dolmio Pepper Hacker’ was recently launched in Australia, where the average household owns about 12 devices, and TVs and smartphones are cited as the top sources of distraction. In addition to providing seasoning to a dish, one twist of the ‘Dolmio Pepper Hacker’ takes away all mealtime distractions by powering down all electronic devices.

Dolmio worked with Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Pollen, Starcom and Ogilvy PR to come up with this Pepper Hacker.

Dolmio provided some frustrated Australian mothers with a Pepper Hacker to help them reclaim their dinners. Watch the video below to see how it works.

[via PSFK, screen captures via YouTube]