10 April 2015

Playful, Eclectic Illustrations For French Chocolate Bar Packaging

The chocolate bars by Le chocolat des Français are packaged with lovely, playful illustrations.

The unique brand attribute was the fact that the chocolate bars are 100% made in France, and creative directors Paul-Henri Masson and Matthieu Escande exploited this to their advantage, contacting fifty French artists, including Marie Assénat, Serge Bloch, Edith Carron among others, to work on the packaging.

The result is a diverse range of bold, eclectic and quirky designs that evoke France, with one featuring a girl taking a photo of the Eiffel Tower and another with the rooster, an unofficial national symbol of France, wearing kicks and riding a skateboard.

Scroll down to see the impressive range of designs for their chocolate bars.

[via The Dieline]