16 April 2015

Sony Music’s Madrid Office Is A Fresh And Modern Collaborative Workspace

British architecture firm AECOM has designed the new head office of Sony Music in Madrid.

The old office was located in an old building from the 1980s, in a residential neighborhood away from the city. Its outdated design and lack of adequate meeting rooms gave rise to operational problems, and was insufficient in meeting the company’s business needs.

With the new office’s location on the Paseo de la Castellana in the heart of Madrid, it’s close to businesses and commercial areas.

According to the firm, Sony wanted an innovative space to boost productivity and foster collaboration.

Decked out in bright colors, the new premises exude a fresh and modern vibe in keeping with the brand’s values and the digital music age.

The office houses an auditorium where events and concerts can be held, cheerful interiors, and flexible spaces where employees can come together for meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Check out more images of the office below.

[via Retail Design Blog and Office Snapshots, images by Manolo Yllera]