5 April 2015

Striking Prints Inspired By Artists' Visits To Unfamiliar Countries

For this project, art curator and travel planner Jeroen Smeets sends an artist to an interesting city, with the aim of taking the artist outside their comfort zones to let them experience completely new surroundings. Upon their return, each artist creates a limited edition screen print that is sold to raise funds for the next trip.

‘The Jaunt’ started out as a blog in 2013 and has sent artists like David Shillinglaw, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk and Mike Perry off to places such as Denmark, Antwerp and Marrakesh among other exciting locations.

Smeets has compiled the first 10 jaunts into a new book with the help of art director Jimme Bakker, who has beautifully tied all the material together, giving us a glimpse into the creative processes of these individual artists.

Head over to ‘The Jaunt’ website to find out more.

[via It's Nice That, images via The Jaunt]