1 April 2015

Stunning ‘Stained Glass’ Artworks Made With Sugar And Watercolor

We have featured this Swiss origami artist's attempt to fold a life-sized elephant from a massive piece of paper.

Artist Sipho Mabona has recently created art pieces that resemble stained glass. The piece titled ‘In Search Of...’ is made out of wood and a colorful sugar mixture. He creates origami patterns out of wood using a laser cutter and melts sugar, coloring it with liquid watercolor before pouring the mixture into the patterns.

The floating panes were hung as a maze for visitors at the GUILD Design Fair in Cape Town. Mabona also explained that the artwork kept changing as it was mainly made with sugar, causing the windows to turn from translucent to foggy as the show continued.

Scroll down to view these stunning stained glass creations.

[via My Modern Metropolis]