15 April 2015

Stylish, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Is A Perfect Addition To Your Home

Last year, pet products and accessories designer Noux successfully launched its stylish and self-cleaning fish tank on Kickstarter.

The natural filter in Avo takes harmful ammonia from fish waste and turns it into nitrate, fertilising the environment's plants and keeping the water clean. The tank also has an innovative moving bed filter, which prevents the usual aquarium dirt from building up. The water almost never needs changing as it creates its own sustainable ecosystem.

The Avo holds up to 15 liters of water, creating an ideal environment for Fighting Fish. Noux also provides a Fish Finder that recommends other fish species that will do well in the aquarium.

The Avo also has plant specific LED lighting to prevent algae growth and to ensure that your plants continue to thrive. Three soft colors appear to signal the different periods of daylight, optimising the tank for plant growth. They also have a list of recommended plants that will do well in the tank's seven designated plant pots.

Visit its website to find out more.

[via IPPINKA, Kickstarter]