3 April 2015

The 23 ‘Ridiculous’ Interview Questions That Are Asked By Airbnb

Image via @andrewknapp

We have recently featured a list of “oddball” interview questions that were asked by top companies in 2015, such as Dropbox and Bose.

If you found those questions difficult, you might be left dumbfounded with Airbnb’s list of interview questions for the various positions in its company.

Business Insider has compiled a list of 23 “ridiculous” interview questions, based on Glassdoor’s findings, that were asked by Airbnb.

For instance, marketing candidates were asked about what they would say at “Airbnb’s funeral”, while candidates for the customer experience specialist position had to solve a challenging case study: “The host’s dog defecates in the guest’s suitcase on a dress/suit. What do you say?”

Check out the full list of interview questions here.

[via Business Insider]