28 April 2015

The ‘Best And Worst Fonts’ To Use On Your Résumé

Website Bloomberg Business discusses the fonts that you should use on your résumé.

According to the article, Helvetica is a no-fuss, safe font to use on your résumé. Other fonts that you can use include Proxima Nova and Garamond, as they are legible and easy for the eye to follow.

When it comes to Times New Roman, they are uneasy about using this traditional font because it might show that you did not put any thought into the choice of typeface, since it is a common default font, and can be seen as the typographic equivalent of "putting on sweatpants" for a job interview.

Fonts that you should avoid include Comic Sans, Courier and flowery fonts like Zapfino because they make the job candidate appear playful, like they are not taking the job application seriously.

You can read the article in full here.

[via Bloomberg Business]