23 April 2015

The ‘Most Beautiful’ And ‘Ugliest’ Apple Products Ever Made

iMac G4

Apple’s designs are almost always put in the spotlight and come under intense scrutiny. While they have been greatly lauded for their minimalist elegance, they have also had their fair share of monumental design flops.

Of the many products that are well-loved are the iMac G4, the 4th generation iPod and the Macintosh Classic. Among these lie the black sheeps, which are namely the Performa 6400, the Apple Keyboard from year 2003 and iBook, which have been exiled to ostracism.

Take a look at some of the most celebrated—and the biggest flops—of Apple products below, or find the complete round up by Creative Bloq here.


4th Generation iPod


Macintosh Classic

Macintosh Color Classic

[via Creative Bloq]