10 April 2015

This Art Director Has Worn The Same Outfit To Work For The Last Three Years

If you always fret over your work attire every morning, you might want to take a leaf out of this art director’s book.

New York-based Matilda Kahl has been dressed in the same work outfit for the past three years—a white silk shirt, black trousers, a custom-made black leather rosette and the occasional black blazer for chilly days.

Kahl was inspired to do this when she decided to put a stop to her morning woes after reaching a meeting late and feeling flustered with her sartorial choices.

She wrote: “[…] I’m given complete freedom over what I wear to the office, but that still left me questioning each piece that I added or subtracted from my outfit. “Is this too formal? Is that too out there? Is this dress too short?” I finally chose something I regretted as soon as I hit the subway platform.

“As I arrived at work, my stress level only increased as I saw my male creative partner and other male co-workers having a “brodown” with the new boss as they entered the meeting room—a room I was supposed to already be inside. I just stood there—paralyzed by the fact that I was not only late, but unprepared. And my sweater was inside out. I had completely stressed myself out, and for what? This was not the first morning I’d felt this unnecessary panic, but that day I decided it would be the last.”

She told Ad Age in an interview that this allows her to focus on more important matters at work.

She said, “Maybe I’m alone in feeling this way, but when it comes to work days, I rarely feel like putting my outfit in the spotlight. I obviously want to look professional and approachable, but I have so many work-related issues to focus on that what I’m wearing falls far down on my list of priorities.”

The Saatchi & Saatchi creative also revealed that contrary to people’s perceptions that the monotony might bore her, she’s happy with how this has enabled her to give her fullest to her creative work.

“[…] It’s in the nature of my line of work to be innovative and create things that have never been seen before. I guess that brings me more than enough variation and excitement to be happy to have at least one part of my life running on autopilot,” said Kahl.

Find out more about Kahl’s interesting decision in her original article in Harper’s Bazaar and her interview with Ad Age.

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1 and a half year with the work outfit today 🎉. One less problem, 5 mornings a week.

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[via Ad Age, images via Matilda Kahl]