23 April 2015

This Powerful Video Will Make You Think Twice About How We Treat Our Planet

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Written by and starring St. Louis rapper and poet Prince Ea, this powerful video about deforestation serves as a wake up call to all of us to take better care of the environment.

In his video titled ‘Dear Future Generations: Sorry’, he delivers a passionate, eloquent and heartfelt apology to the future generations on how mankind is destroying our planet.

Railing against the senseless destruction of the earth’s rainforests, he points out how trees are being cut down at the rate of 40 football fields every minute, which has resulted in the disappearance of 50% of the planet’s trees in the past 100 years.

Prince Ea also goes on to say that it doesn’t matter if we’re fighting for “racism or poverty, feminism, gay rights, or any type of equality”, because we’ll be extinct if the earth continues its downward spiral.

Since being uploaded to his Facebook page, the video has gone viral with over 17 million views and counting.

Watch it below.

[via BuzzFeed, video via Prince Ea]