17 April 2015

Tinder’s Playful Ad Shows Its Instagram Tie-In Helps You Find Better Matches

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To announce its partnership with Instagram, dating app Tinder has unveiled a fun and flirty ad showing how the collaboration helps its users find better matches.

In a dreamy 60-second spot, a young man browses an attractive redhead’s Instagram pictures which conjure up images of her blowing out candles on her birthday cake, goofing around in an arcade, and frolicking with an adorable dog.

Tinder’s latest update lets users link their Instagram account to their dating profiles, with the aim of helping potential suitors decide if someone is a good match.

Like the app’s previous ad, production company Magna Carta was in charge of delivering this playful spot.

“We wanted to explore the format of Instagram as a sort of social diary, co-written by your friends and family... I wanted audiences to be right there with Our Girl—to meet her, to fall for her,” said Maximilian Guen, Magna Carter founder.

Check out the ad below.

[via Adweek, video via Tinder]