9 April 2015

Video Perfectly Explains ‘The Art Of Procrastinating’ In Everyday Situations

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Orlando-based animator Adande Swoozie, last featured for showing us the art of text messaging, is back with yet another funny video titled ‘The Art of Procrastination’.

This time, Swoozie perfectly sorts out the best excuses for delaying what is supposed to be done for situations like working on your assignment, and going to bed early.

He also accurately highlights how “as soon as someone tells you to do something, you no longer want to do it”. For instance, blaming it on your mom for nagging at you, which has caused you to put off your plans of cleaning up your room only until the week after.

Are you guilty of waiting until the last hour before getting work done too?

Click play to find out the other examples of procrastinating, or you could always save it for later.

[via A Plus, Swoozie, images via video screenshot]