2 April 2015

Volkswagen’s Playful Kit Lets You Have Instant Adventures In The Wild Outdoors

Dubai-based Soho Square has created a collection of awesome promotional materials for German car-maker Volkswagen in the form of a ‘Instant Off-Road Kit’.

Seeing how “most people don’t take their off-road vehicles off-roading”, they have put together this playful, tongue-in-cheek kit that would “get you to the great outdoors and back in less than 5 minutes”.

In the kit, you would find humorous items like a packet of “Fake Blood”, a bottle of “Spray On Mud” and “Tan In A Can”, all of which are supposed to help you recreate the rugged experience of venturing into the great, wild outdoors in your new 2015 Volkswagen Touareg.

Also included in the kit is an amusing ‘Instant Off-Road Guide’, filled with bold illustrations, experimental typography and funny description to help you get through your “instant adventures”.

Head over here to read more about this project that won Silver (Promotional Item Design) at Dubai Lynx Festival 2015.

[via Trendland]