13 April 2015

Watch: Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Video Of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

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We have previously written about author Matt Zoller Seitz’s highly anticipated follow-up to his bestselling book—‘The West Anderson Collection’—here.

In collaboration with Abrams Books, Seitz has created a video adaptation of this new book, titled The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel, where he studies and discusses the intricacies of Wes Anderson’s highly-acclaimed film.

This video guides us through the complex maze that is the production of the The Grand Budapest Hotel, where we can get a glimpse of the original sources of inspiration for the screenplay and imagery, the set designs and costumes that make up the stunning aesthetics of the film. It also includes a series of exclusive interviews with the key individuals who played a huge part in executing Anderson’s vision.

Watch the short film below to learn more about Wes Anderson’s distinct cinematic style.

[via Vimeo]