20 April 2015

Watch: Video Shows iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Being Placed In Boiling Water

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YouTube user TechRax, known for his extreme experiments with tech devices, is back with a new video.

In his new experiment, he puts the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 in a “boiling hot water test” to see which of these phones would last the longest.

After bringing a saucepan of water to boil, he sets both phones on its timer before dropping them into the pan—within 10 seconds, the iPhone 6 screen went completely blank, while the Galaxy S6 continued functioning for a little longer than a minute before shutting down.

To check if the phones were completely dead, TechRex ran them under a cold water bath, and tried to turn on the phones to see if it was able to boot-up.

Click play on the video to find out what happened to the phones after the experiment.

[via Mashable, TexhRax, images via video screenshot]