13 April 2015

Watchmaker Mercilessly Skewers The Apple Watch In Wickedly Humorous Ad

Detroit-based brand Shinola has unveiled a wickedly humorous ad that mercilessly skewers the technological capabilities of the Apple Watch.

Created to promote the brand’s Runwell watch, it features the tongue-in-cheek headline, “A watch so smart that it can tell you the time just by looking at it”.

The witty copy underneath declares how it doesn’t need charging or a “software upgrade”, and is built to “last a lifetime or longer”.

At US$550, it’s almost the same price as the lower-end US$549 Apple Watch—the much-hyped smartwatch was finally available for preorder last Friday.

Agency Partners & Spade was behind the ad, which ran in suitably old school publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Check out the ad above.

[via Adweek]