23 April 2015

Woman Creates Brilliant Résumé For Airbnb, Snags CEO’s Attention Instantly

San Francisco-based Nina Mufleh really wanted to be part of the Airbnb team.

She had managed to meet the company on a number of occasions, but none resulted in a job offer.

Undaunted, she said, “I actually thought, ‘I haven’t done everything I can’. I’ve done the same thing multiple times, but I haven’t tried new approaches.”

So she created an awesome résumé that resembles the Airbnb website, detailing her knowledge of the travel industry, how the company can improve and likely future trends.

The insightful and refreshing job application successfully snagged the attention of Airbnb’s CEO and CMO, and a formal job interview is in the pipeline.

Mufleh told Business Insider, “[These are] definitely the results I was hoping for. But part of me didn’t expect it to be this quick and exciting.”

Check out the brilliant résumé in its entirety here.

@ninamufleh I am reviewing right now. Very impressive :)

— Brian Chesky (@bchesky) April 21, 2015

Ok. You floored me with this brilliance. We'll set something up for us to meet. I love your smarts. Very much. https://t.co/EaIwOHSywo

— Jonathan Mildenhall (@Mildenhall) April 21, 2015

[via Business Insider, images via Nina Mufleh]