17 December 2014

30,000 People Bought Actual Poop From ‘Cards Against Humanity’ At US$6 A Box

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Popular card game Cards Against Humanity dislikes Black Friday, and every year, the company will come up with something creative to make a bold statement of their stand.

This year, for its Black Friday stunt, it put up ‘literal feces, from an actual bull’ for sale at US$6 a pop. And 30,000 individuals lapped up the sale, with many expecting a surprise instead of genuine poop.

But as the following video shows, it was indeed a box of bull feces from a cattle ranch in Texas.

The game’s co-creator, Max Temkin, told TIME, “We all really hate Black Friday, it’s just kind of a horrible day. It comes after this day where you’re supposed to be thankful for what you have, and then it’s just this whole huge media spectacle of people fighting each other to save $50 on a TV.”

Profits from the Black Friday sale goes to Heifer International, a non-profit organization aiming to put an end to world hunger and poverty by providing livestock to communities.

Check out the video below.

[via Adweek, images via Kevin Liang]