29 December 2014

Wonderful, Amazingly Detailed Illustrations That Are Carefully Cut Out Of Paper

We have featured many talented paper artists in the past, but New York-based artist Maude White may have brought the craft to a whole new level with her incredibly intricate paper-cut illustrations.

Cleverly making use of negative space, White’s artworks often consist of amazingly thin lines that have been meticulously carved out of paper—for instance, her series titled “What’s Left on the Farm” features intriguing images of women with unlikely objects caught in their long hair, where almost every strand has been distinctly carved to form glorious tangles of hair.

The artist has also created other beautiful pieces based on animals like elephants and eagles, and objects such as feathers and ships.

Scroll down to view more of her exceptional papercraft artworks—or head over to her website for her impressive portfolio.

[via This Is Colossal]