22 December 2014

Desktop App Lets You Mash Up Ambient Sounds For Perfect Working Soundtack

You would probably have read somewhere that a little ambient noise is a good way to keep one focused and productive while working—there are already plenty of apps that produces ambient sounds for that purpose.

Noizio, a Mac desktop app, improves this experience not only by giving users more convenience by living in the menubar, but also by allowing them to mash up various ambient sounds to create their own unique working soundtrack that is just right for them.

Including soothing sounds like “October Rain”, “Paris Cafe” and “Campfire”, Noizio allows you to adjust the intensity of each sound on a handy slider, making it possible to create more specific audio environments—for instance, it is easy to imagine that one is sitting next to a crackling fire while a winter wind blows outside.

The app is free and now available for download on the Mac App Store.

[via Lifehacker]