18 December 2014

Create Holiday Buzz and Boost Profits for Your Clients with Print Pieces

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As the holidays creep up on us, Santa themed designs, reindeers and snowflakes seem to become the go-to patterns and brushes for the season: avatars and sites get updated, Facebook covers get changed and little e-cards and emails get ordered.

With so many small businesses already reaching out to their online customers with special offers like free shipping and other sales promotions, small businesses need to come up with ways to capitalize their more personal business-to-consumer approach -if they want to survive the winter.

One way to earn a few extra bucks is to get them more business by selling them on a print marketing campaign. Propose to use print greeting cards as a way to drum up extra business.


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Do this and have a blast designing them and get cheap, but high quality, custom printing services from an online source. Charge for the printing in your design budget and even make a little overhead.

Now print and digital marketing are a given this season; the majority of consumers wait until the very last minute to check off all the items on their list and businesses need to stay relevant to be the place where that list gets checked off.

With the National Retail Federation predicting an overall 4.1 percent sales boost this holiday season, as stated in Bloomberg Businessweek, it’s safe to say businesses have a bright season to look forward to.

This year, try something different with those greeting cards and make unique designs pop with cool finishes using custom printing – the goal is to use the greeting card as a sales gate.

Talk to your client and ask them what would they like to push this year? The greeting card will help them bring brand awareness, add a personal touch (will look cool in your portfolio) and above all present an opportunity to provide a) a gift, b) push or introduce a product/service or c) do both!

Simply add copy like “Don’t forget to try X this holiday season!’ or ‘Say thanks with personalized [insert your client’s product or service here] – free with purchase!’

It’s a subtle but effective way to do a little innovative marketing. Everyone wins! FYI – You can print your postcards here for $20 to $100 average, depending on the finish.

Now think of your clients audience and prepare for a pitch.


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Tips for the traditional shopper

For customers that love to visit stores not only because of the merchandise, but also because of the ambiance and warm customer service, send a holiday greeting with a gift of 10 or 25 percent off on select items that can only be redeemed in the store. It’s a great way to assure traffic to brick and mortar establishments.

Remember to use vibrant seasonal colors and images that complement the products and services offered. Make the message on that greeting seem heartfelt and make sure that you also express your thanks for your client’s continued support.

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Always add the business slogan and logo in the greeting card for brand awareness, but in a light way that wonít overpower the design (maybe also give it a Santa hat!).

Tips for the online shopper

Online shopping is not only convenient, it gives people the opportunity to shop from the warmth of their comfy couch and escape the winter chill and parking lot drama.

To entice loyal customers to online stores, send them the holiday greetings announcing an exclusive sale for purchases through the website. Many retailers also like to offer free shipping to edge out the competition, make the suggestion.

Say it with a postcard

Nowadays, a large number of businesses are using postcards to market special promotions and exclusive events. These postcards can be designed with sophisticated holiday artwork for upscale stores or more whimsical and colorful artwork for stores catering to children and families. The best piece of advice is to stay true to your storeís philosophy and personality.


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Another terrific add-on for postcards (and greeting cards for that matter) is the QR code. Customers can scan the barcode to reveal special offers, free promo gifts for loyal patrons or an invitation to a secret in-store sales event with complimentary appetizers and cocktails. A hot cocoa and gingerbread cookie party is great for childrenís boutiques.

Whether it’s a sale, holiday product promotion or early bird shopping event, holiday greetings cards designed with unique artwork and a personal holiday message are a heartfelt way to say thanks to patrons for supporting local businesses throughout the year. After all, no matter how digital our lives may be, everyone still loves the anticipation of a greeting card in the mail

What do you think? A strategy worth implementing this year? Sound off in the comments