23 December 2014

Photographer Dresses His Dogs Up As Other Animals In Christmas Scenes


For some, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to showcase one’s talents on the canvas of the holiday greeting card—with the help of his dogs, Bristol, England-based photographer Peter Thorpe has managed to create some seriously amusing Christmas cards.

Every year, for more than 20 years, Thorpe has put together impressively elaborate sets, props and costumes for his holiday card photoshoots—the stars of these shoots are his dogs, who are usually dressed up as other animals that are commonly featured in festive scenes, such as the turkey, sheep and camel.

Thorpe has recently put up a blog post that documents the various Christmas card photographs that he has produced over the years—he has even included behind-the-scenes pictures that shows how some of these fun shots were accomplished.

Scroll down to view some of our favourites from the collection, or head over here for more.

What does your family Christmas card look like this year?






[via Faith Is Torment, images by Peter Thorpe]