30 December 2014

Polaroid Photos Juxtapose Against The Real Life Scenes Where They Were Shot

Russian Instagram photographer Maksim Zavialov has started a captivating photo project on the image sharing network—after capturing a Polaroid image, usually with a human subject in it, he would then hold up the instant photo print against the real life scene it was shot in and snap an iPhone photo.

The result is an interesting “photo in a photo” that blends the analog Polaroid snapshot with the digital iPhone picture— these images are documented under the hashtag “#timethroughphoto”, which refers to the themes of time and place represented in them.

According to the photographer, he finds “the technique interesting because you really only have one chance to make the picture” because “even in the same place, something new is always happening”.

Head over to his Instagram feed to view all of the images from the project.

[via My Modern Met, images via Maskim Zavialov]