23 December 2014

There Is Now A Beer That Would Help You Reach Your Creative Peak

There is some scientific truth to how a little drink can help boost creativity—according to Professor Jennifer Wiley of the University of Illinois at Chicago, “a blood alcohol level of 0.075% is optimal for creative problem solving”.

To help you “reach your creative peak”, Copenhagen-based ad agency CP + B has collaborated with Professor Wiley to create “The Problem Solver”, an Indian Pale Ale that provides a delicious way for one to reach maximum creativity.

As consuming too much beer would have the reverse effect on creative productivity, The Problem Solver’s label is printed with a handy chart that shows exactly how much you should drink, depending on your body weight, to reach that creative sweet spot.

Currently, this intriguing beer is only available at public workshops in Copenhagen—we sure hope that they export it soon.

Would you try drinking this beer to improve your problem-solving ability?

[via PSFK]