22 December 2014

Taxi Driver Takes Photos Of His Passengers, Tells Fascinating Visual Stories

Working as a taxi driver in Neath, Wales, to fund his travels abroad, Mike Harvey meets a startlingly diverse array of people in a regular day—in his words, “the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the sober and the high”.

His experiences behind the wheel prompted him to start “The Taxi”, a photography project where he seeks to document the many people and stories that have journeyed with him in his cab.

Taken in a candid style, and presented in black and white, these intriguing portraits were all taken with their subjects’ permission—for those under age 18, permission was obtained from their supervising adult.

Hoping to “visually document a slice of Welsh culture”, Harvey’s photographs makes you wonder about the people featured in them and their unique stories—some, such as the one of a man with what looks like blood on his face, makes you more curious than others.

Head over to the project website to view more of these thought-provoking portraits.

[via So Bad So Good, images by Mike Harvey]