18 December 2014

NASA’s Style Guide Details Its Striking Design Language, Allows For Comic Sans

If you are the type who cares about things like that, you may have noticed that NASA has a particularly good-looking design language, especially when compared to other federal organizations.

Fast Co. Design recently brought the spotlight onto NASA’s official style guide for branding and promotional materials, which reveals how the agency keeps its public communications looking gorgeous with strict standardized rules.

In this guide, one could see how uncompromising NASA is when it comes to its famous “meatball” logo, and how while Helvetica is used for the vast majority of the text in all visual materials, Comic Sans and other “approachable, whimsical fonts like Smile, Typewriter, and Kidprint” are allowed for educational materials targeted at younger readers.

Find out more about the NASA style guide here.

[via Fast Co. Design]