29 December 2014

A Disney-Themed Photo Shoot Set In A Historical Library Filled With 70,000 Books

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Photographer Benjamin Von Wong, whom we featured for this magnificent underwater photo shoot earlier this year, has created another wonderful series of images that were captured in the beautiful library of Austria’s Admont Abbey.

The largest monastic library in the world, its grand hall was built in 1776 and contains approximately 70,000 books—its 48 windows ensured that it has ample natural light during the day.

As Von Wong and his team were only able to shoot in the library at night after opening hours, he had to fill the space with many lights to recreate the natural daytime lighting—inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the resulting photographs is fairytale-like and ethereal, featuring models in extravagant dresses with huge skirts.

Head over to the photographer’s blog for behind-the-scenes images and to find out more about how this first-ever creative photo shoot at the Admont Abbey’s library was carried out.

[via PetaPixel, images by Benjamin Von Wong]