17 December 2014

Plus-Size Woman Ask People Around The World To ‘Fix’ Her Using Photoshop

The original unedited image

We previously featured two journalists Esther Honig and her friend Priscilla Yuki Wilson, who embarked on a Photoshop project, titled ‘Before and After’, where they invited designers from around the world to “make them beautiful”, according to the beauty standards of their home country.

Inspired by the project idea, Colombian-American Maria Southard Ospina, put a twist on the concept by asking 21 editors around the world to “fix” a plus-sized woman like her, “whilst keeping in mind the looks they see in the fashion and beauty magazines of their country”.

Surprised by their responds, only three out of the 21 editors made Ospina looked drastically thinner, while others worked with airbrushes to make her double-chin less visible.

Scroll down and head over here for more fascinating edited photos that reveal the different ideas about beauty and body image standards around the world.







[via Bustle]