23 December 2014

Google Releases First Complete Prototype Of Its Cute, Toy-Like Self-Driving Car

After revealing an early prototype of its ground-breaking driver-less car earlier this year, Google has recently released its first complete working prototype of this cute, friendly-looking, toy-like vehicle.

While most of the features from the original prototype remain, elements like blinkers, brake lights and real headlights have been added—the LIDAR system, a 360-degree camera attached to the top of the car, has also been refined to look neater.

While the car’s sweet appearance may have been designed to bring out gentler, more positive emotions in other drivers, some car designers do not find it to be so appealing.

What do you think of this latest prototype of Google’s self-driving car?

Original prototype (left), complete prototype (right)

[via Fast Co. Design]