25 December 2014

A Future-Proof 'Tilted House' That Produces More Energy Than It Consumes

Design firm Snøhetta, most known for their bold redesign of Norway’s currency notes has another stunning, iconic, and future-proof design to add to its portfolio.

The ZEB pilot house is a collaboration between Snøhetta and the research center on zero emission buildings, or ZEB.

Based in the town of Larvik, Norway, this tilted house is not only a zero energy house, but a ‘plus house’. Meaning, it produces more energy than it consumes.

With a distinctive sloped roof fitted with photovoltaic panels, the solar energy collected can power the house, with surplus energy to power an electric car year-round.

On top of that, the ZEB house is also livable, with many spatial home-like elements.

[via GOOD, images via Bruce Damonte]