16 December 2014

Cheeky Video Shows How To Send A Christmas Greeting To Your Clients

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“Like a stylish email packed with comic sans with exclamation marks, and glittery GIFs.”

With Christmas just around the corner, nothing beats the sincerity of creating a personalized video to wish your clients a merry Christmas.

Italian motion designer Emanuele Colombo, with the help of Latte Creative, has created a short animated video that would show his clients the creative ideas he has regarding holiday greetings.

The video then cheekily ends off with a note asking them to remember that amidst all the Christmas jolly, someone is working like crazy to meet their insane deadlines.

Watch the video below to see his funny video greeting.

“I’ve been working hard to find the best way to say “Season Greetings!””

“Or even better a picture of a kitten dressed up as Santa Claus.”

“Then I finally got it, I drew you in a house full of presents, around the people you love. That is my Christmas wish for you.”

“All I ask for in return, is that you remember—even momentarily—that somewhere in a little house out there…”

“Someone is working like crazy to make your insanely tight deadline, even on Christmas.”

[via Emanuele Colombo, images via video screenshot]