18 December 2014

Samsung Ads Show Famous Artists Taking Selfies To Create Iconic Self-Portraits

To promote its compact mirrorless camera NX Mini, Samsung has launched a creative ad campaign that features some of history’s most famous painters—they are namely Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Albrecht Dürer.

In a clever and humorous way, the South Korean company portrayed each of these well-known artists in the act of taking a selfie with the NX Mini—presenting the back views of the artists, the images also show the subjects’ iconic self-portrait paintings on the flip-up display screens of the camera.

With a tagline that reads, “For self-portraits. Not selfies.”, these ads are trying to illustrate how the device’s “interchangeable wide-aperture lens” would allow users to take high quality photographic “masterpieces”, even when it is placed just an arm-length from their faces.

View the rest of the ads from the series below—what do you think of them?

[via Ads of the World]