21 December 2014

Endearing Illustrated Characters ‘Invades’ Photographs, Tell Fun Stories

Blending illustration and photography, London-based Brazilian artist and creative director Lucas Levitan’s amusing Instagram project features colorful, endearing characters “invading” pictures of real life scenes around the world.

After a near-death incident that involved a falling brick, Levitan decided to do more of what he loves, which is drawing—this choice to follow his passion has led to the creation of dozens of imaginative hybrid images that give the viewer refreshing perspectives on everyday life.

Working with photographs that he has found on Instagram, he updates each one with his “illustrative touch” to bring together reality and a fantastic fictional world inhabited by playful beings that are often either gigantic or tiny.

Head over to the artist’s website or Instagram account to view more of his work—what do you think of these “photo invasions”?

[via Lucas Levitan’s Instagram account]