16 December 2014

Google Releases The 10 Most-Searched Terms Of 2014

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After Facebook revealed its roundup of the most talked-about topics of 2014, Google has released its list of the top 10 most-searched terms this year.

Comprising the “events, people and topics that defined 2014”, it includes the ebola virus outbreak, the World Cup and ISIS, with the death of comedian Robin Williams at number one.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, popular mobile game Flappy Bird and the Disney animation Frozen also made the top 10.

Google created a ‘Year in Search’ website where you can explore these topics, as well as some of the year’s most interesting moments, in greater detail.

Some of the quirky trends ranged from the “add reminder” search phrase, Pharrell Williams’ hat, and weird and funny questions like how to teleport.

Watch a video of the moments that left an indelible mark on 2014 below, and read more about the trends that swept the globe here.

[via Mashable, video via Google, image via Official Google Blog]