30 December 2014

Dreamy High Fashion Shots Captured With Cheap Children’s Toy Camera

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If you think that all you need to be a good photographer is an expensive professional camera, this episode of DigitalRev TV’s “Cheap Camera Challenge” would make you think again.

In this episode, the DigitalRev team challenged renowned fashion photographer Lara Jade to use a cheap children’s toy camera to capture haute couture shots on the streets of Hong Kong.

The camera in question 0.3 megapixel “Anpanman” toy device that would require Jade to compose her pictures by staring through an empty space inside the frame—to make the challenge even more daunting, she would only have a few hours to produce six different photos with three different looks.

However, the photographer certainly rose to the challenge admirably by capturing a small collection of surprisingly well-shot photographs, considering the constraints—while the resolution is definitely not the best, the blurry effect actually adds to the dreamy mood of the images.

View all of the photos from this unusual photo shoot here.

[via PetaPixel, images via DigitalRev TV]