29 December 2014

‘Perfect Keyboard For The iPhone’ Lets You Type Better, Now On Kickstarter

Even if you think that the iPhone is a great device, chances are that you would have felt frustrated with it at some point—for instance, when auto-correct caused you to make an embarrassing texting blunder.

To improve on the iPhone’s typing experience, software development company Tiny Hearts has created the Next Keyboard, which they have dubbed as “the perfect keyboard for iPhone”.

Offering several useful new features, including a smart cursor that enables one to edit faster and have easier access to emojis, the Next Keyboard is now crowd-funding on Kickstarter—in a few short days, its campaign has already exceeded its initial funding goal by three times.

Of all its functions, we think that its “swipe to type” feature to be the most exciting—without having to lift your thumb off the touchscreen to tap on individual letters, this is a much faster way to type.

For just CAD$5, you would be able to get the Next Keyboard and a custom wallpaper, along with the Wake Alarm Clock and 7 Minute Workout apps, which are also created by Tiny Hearts.

Find out more about this “perfect” iPhone keyboard, and pledge for it, here.

[via MacTrast, Kickstarter]