24 April 2015

21 Things About Being A Hollywood Movie Extra That You Probably Don’t Know

Image via CGArena

If you have ever wanted to be an extra on a film set, here are some things that you may want to know about the job.

Buzzfeed contributor Emerald Jones—a pseudonym—recently put together a post that features “21 secrets film extras will never tell you”—while it is written in a humorous fashion, it is still offers a fascinating peek into the world of movie-making.

From how film sets could easily be mistaken for a random trailer park to what could be hidden under period drama costumes, this post lets you see Hollywood from the rare, honest perspective of a non-famous person working on the sets.

Read the entire post here—have you ever been a film extra, and if so, what other secrets do you have?

Image via Amro Facilities

Image via Onset.com

[via Buzzfeed]