21 April 2015

A Clever, Enigmatic Branding Identity For ‘The Secret Donut Society’

José Velázquez and Ceci Peralta, designers based in Monterrey, Mexico, have come up with a clever and enigmatic branding strategy for an underground donut shop in San Pedro Garza Garcia, named “The Secret Donut Society”.

Coming up with the concept based on the actual underground location of the shop, Velázquez and Peralta decided to move in a different direction to the conventional brightly-colored and cheerful aesthetics of traditional donut shops in favor of a clean, alternative and thought-provoking packaging design that is inspired by the shady world of secret societies, masonic logics and the mysterious Illuminati Order.

Check out more images of this creative branding project below, and view the complete collection here.

[via José Veláquez and Ceci Peralta]