7 April 2015

A Funny Musical Prank Card That Will Not Stop Singing ‘Happy Birthday’

Receiving musical cards in the mail often makes for a lovely surprise, but you would not want to get one of these cards, for the sake of your ears.

Created by brothers Travis and Nick Peterson, the ‘Joker Birthday Card’ is a musical prank card that will drive your friends crazy with its looping ‘Happy Birthday’ song, which can play non-stop for up to three hours.

Cheekily created as a fun way to annoy your friends on their birthdays, the only way to make the card stop “singing” is by destroying it—the Petersons suggest “stomping on it a few times” or using a hammer to slam it.

Head here for more information on the Joker Birthday Card, which has successfully raised over thrice the amount of its Kickstarter goal.

Would you surprise your friends with these musical prank cards?

[via Gizmodo, images via video screenshots]