7 April 2015

The Minimalist, Elegant ‘Brick Lamp’ Does Not Require A Switch To Shine

If you are looking for a reading lamp that is both functional and stylish, you may want to take a look at the ‘Brick Lamp’, which is currently crowd-funding on Kickstarter.

This simple and elegant lighting solution does not have a switch like other lamps—instead, you can switch it on by raising it up and turn it off by laying it flat on its illuminating face.

Available in concrete and wood, this handy light source would “work on all kinds of firm and horizontal surfaces including counter tops, blank covered floors, or glass tables”—its creators is also launching a Kickstarter-exclusive metal version that is made out of a single aluminum block.

Find out more about the Brick Lamp in the video below, and pledge for it here.

[via Kickstarter]